I need input...what kind of unicycle??

I recently just started unicycling again and my old cycle in a piece of crap. I want to get a new one and I don’t think i need a beginner one because i can ride and do basic jumps on my old one. I am 6’2’’ and weight 210 lbs. What are some good unicycles i should look into buying? I want something that will support me on doing basic freestyle tricks on pavement. I am not looking to jump off anything more than a few steps…just something for basic riding and basic tricks. I am looking in the $150 range or less…so nothing too special. Any suggestions??

Save your money

You want an ISIS splined uni, big guy. Unless you enjoy breaking parts. It will cost 300 $ +. If you were 100 lbs and just wanted to jump curbs I would say you could cheap by with cotterless. For you, that option is not good.