I need help finding a video please.

A few years ago I was an avid unicyclist, and I decided to go riding the other day. It was a lot of fun. Well, on the way back I heard “fool’s paradise” by corporate circus on my ipod.

 Then I remembered that guy Andreas Hornman, he was like my uni hero, haha. But I remember there was a video with that song in it, and he did a kick-up mount in the beggining of the video, while snow was falling.

 Does anyone have this video or know where to see it? It was incredible to me at the time, it probably still will be.

These are the only three videos I could find online of Andreas. I’m sure somebody has what you are looking for on a hard drive somewhere.

Demo99 Part 1
Demo99 Part 2

Unfortunately neither of those 2 videos are the ones. This video was awesome, and I am %100 sure it was andreas hornman. I remember like I said the kick up mount in the beggining, and he rode on the handrail of a bridge above train tracks. And the song fools paradise from corporate circus was in the movie. I know because that’s where I even first heard about the song.

Thanks though for trying.

Have anymore ideas of what video it was? Thanks. I know the video was under 10 minutes, or I’m pretty sure.

have you searched the gallery? i have but couldn t find the video. If you want i could upload the vieo on my server. On my computer the video is called “andreas och simon” maybe i am wrong but i think the video is of early 2005. send me a pm or reply in this thread. the videos is almost 13 mins long :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

The video is called andreas_och_simon and it’s one of my favorite vids :smiley: Just like you, me and my friends just love it, and Andreas and Simon are like our uni heros. The song Fools Paradise got me into listening to Corporate Circus (they’re damned good) and I even bought their album. I have the vid on my computer but I’m not sure if they want me to upload it. PM me if you want it

Yea, I would like that video a lot! It’s pretty much what even got me riding a unicycle. I tried to learn everything in that video that I saw, haha. It was an obsession…

I was randomly watchin uni vids that came up and I think I found it.
I remember seeing a higher quality version somewhere though.