I Need Help Choosing Unicycle!

ok can anyone help me pick a unicycle, i am new to unicycling and this will be my first one, i would like one that i can just off of like 1- 2 foot things and i would like one thats not to expensive and is good for learning and tricks


welcome to the forums…i recomend this


Thank YOU!!!

Thank you so much spoonthumb thats the one i was looking at, i was wondering if it was good, have you riden one before, and do they seem able to hold someone thats 110 pounds jumping from like 1 foot and also a good learner?

do you think 400mm is to big for me?, i am 5’ 5" about and i am 12 and my inseam is about 30 inches

yes it would hold up to 110 pounds on 1 ft drops i have the 24" and it heldup for me 190 lb for over 1 ft drops

300 mm would probaly be better but you can always cut them thats what i have done

ok thanx, my inseam is about 30 inches do you think I’ll fit it?

alright, is it hard to cut them? and do you think i should just leave it and it might be okay and then just grow into it?

pertnear everyone needs to cut down their seat-post. A hack saw or pipe cutter works best.

It is pretty easy to do but you should cut it longer than you think is needed at first, put it on the uni and see if it works then cut it again if needed, that way you don’t accidentally cut to much off.

Welcome to the forums and have fun on your new wheel!

yes it is easy to cut the seat post all you need is a hacksaw and file and a couple of minutes a vise helps but is not needed

yes i have rode my friends, great unicycle for the price, if you wanna spend a little more get what ghxag recomended, ive taken that bad boy off a 2 1/2ft drop and its fine…

thanx youve been really helpful! :smiley:

no problem, good luck…

Hi, my friend that I got into unicycling bought a torker LX 20" and it is a great learner unicycle. Today we rode around town for the first time and we got loads of crazy look:p My friend is like 5’10" and he had to cut the 400mm seat post.

I have the Nimbus isis trials and I have and I have beat the heck out of it. I also upgraded the cranks to KH moments and if you want this for your second uni I would suggest doing the same.


also i was wondering how far is to far on a 20" uni, i would probably ride downtown which is probably like 1/2 or 1 mile, is that like really tiring or just right?


When I was first getting into unicycling I would ride my 20" about 2km to University (and back) for the first month or so i would feel really rubber legged but have a real sense of accomplishment.

I would make it a goal to ride the whole way and not dismount (or UPD) and I think it took me a few weeks before I made it the whole way without putting a foot down.

I could now ride 2km on a 20 no problem so I guess distances get shorter as you gain experience and saddle time.

1 mile rides sound just about right to me for getting used to being on the one wheeled beast.

Have fun!


i wuld recomend this


good luck :smiley:

I’d say that that is pretty good, when I first got my unicycle, I rode to my old school which is a little less than a mile away. And then back. It would take me about 30-35 minutes at first.
So, yeah, go for it. :slight_smile:

I just bought a Torker LX 26", I’m somewhat of a beginner but I used to ride when I was in middle school. It’s great so far, I just rode around at the elementary school across the street and suprisingly it didn’t seem like I missed a beat.

Like the others said, you will have to cut the seat post. I’m 6’4" and I still cut mine down about 3".


alrighty so about 3" thanks :D, how do you like the unicycle so far?