i need a 36 inch

i want a 36inch unicycle im not sure on a brand yet. mainly nimbus or kh. but all offers appreiated :slight_smile: :smiley: reply back on here or to my cell phone 270-nine9four-55four7

Nimbus Pro ISIS 36er

I have a Nimbus Pro ISIS 36er that Iโ€™m putting up for sale. It has a Pro ISIS hub but it is rusting and the paint is chipping. I have applied touch-up
paint to it once before. Although it does not affect performance,
there is a slight bend where the spokes connect to the hub on the left
side. The Magura hydraulic brake lever is not mounted because it used
to be mounted to a touring handle. I would recommend purchasing a
brake mount (for under the saddle for $18) from UDC or a touring
handle if you want to use the brake. Also, the unicycle has a KH air
saddle with a neumatic tube that can be inflated to riderโ€™s
preference. The seat cover is well-worn so I would recommend
replacing it.

It still rides well but it will require some work to get it back to
excellent condition. Iโ€™m selling if for $150. Let me know if you are interested. Please see attached photo.




Nimbus Pro ISIS 36er

Also, I meant to add that the I would recommend a rim and hub replacement. I have put over 2000 miles on this rim so it has been well used. I have had to replace spokes on this rim. Iโ€™m not sure how long you can ride before another spoke breaks.


Hey I have a kh 36 with magura hs33 brake, nimbus shadow handle, extra tube, kh seat post.

Nimbus 36

Please note that the Nimbus offered on this thread is no longer for sale. It has been sold to another subscriber.