I need a 24" tire thats not so fat

I have a 24 muni Kris Holm, it has a 3 inch tire, would like to go to a 2.5 with tread, I think the 3 inch is to heavy, and to slow. Unicycle.com was no help. It has to fit the large rim that comes with the Kris Holm municycle. Is this possible, who sells it, Thanks to all of you.

I believe the CST Cyclops tire is an option. I don’t have one but when I was recently looking into light tire options on this forum that’s what came up.

If you’re looking for a MUni tire the Kenda Nevegal, and Maxxis High Roller are available in 24x2.5. You should have no problem running them on a 47mm KH rim. I have a 2.6 on a 50mm TryAll rim and it works fine.

The Cyclops is a great urban/street tire, and it is good for non-tech XC MUni.

Thanks jtrops. Glad you chimed in. I’m still learning about tires and thinking about other options for my 24" Nimbus Muni.

Biggest thing to watch for is sidewalls. As you get into some of the smaller tires, sidewalls get flimsy to save weight (I played that game for a while). The Duro is heavy, but IMO hands down the best unicycle tire available due to the super thick sidewalls.

The Kenda Kinetics that came with my Sun felt pretty burly and it’s 2.6" Would maybe be an option. I bought a Cyclops and like the feel, but haven’t gotten to ride it yet.

My son has a Kenda Kinetic 24x2.5 but I don’t know if it’s still available

I agree. I don’t know if they still make it, but maybe. I had a Kinetics 2.6 (actually went through a couple of them). It was a good tire especially in the stik-e version.

Depends what you want from a uni tyre - personally I found the Duro which came on my uni (26") heavy and slow and far prefer the lighter, narrower tyres I’ve used (currently an On-One Smorgasbord). I agree that super light racing tyres aren’t nice (though I suspect there will be some fans) - tried a 2.4 Nobby Nic, and that was just too floppy at lower pressures, but my optimum are “trail” tyres rather than DH ones. Those can be run at low pressures, but still roll well.

Schwalbe Big Betty 24 x 2.4
Nice tire, is rather wide for a 2.4 tire, about 64 mm on a 38 mm rim.

+1 put a Maxis High Roller on my 26er Oracle so my daughter could ride it on the street. Now I’m having trouble distinguishing between that and the Hans Dampf on my KH29. It’s like I have 2 XC rigs now rather than one for XC and one for MUni. I really miss my Duro. Heavy or not, thick sidewalls rule!

I am going with a Maxxis 24 inch 2.5 High Roller, tacky Tire, now where do I find a site that sells and has one in stock. Thanks for all your help.

good choice. you’ll love it. there is an image of dice on the sidewalls so I always tell my wife I’m going out to roll the dice. you’ll definitely notice a difference. tacky is an understatement. flypaper. for that reason, I’d bet it would make a good big (24") street/trial tire to ride say a skinny handrail.

still, hang on to that 3" Leopard Wildlife Duro tire. fat and heavy are not necessarily a bad thing when a lot of tree roots are involved.

Amazon has the tire, but it is only available in the single 60a rubber compound, so no Super Tacky in 24:(

This tire will fit on a Kris Holm, 47 mm rim right?

So is the 24" Cyclops a good choice to put on the KH 47mm rim for road riding? Or is there a better one? Just bought a used 24" KH MUni with the 3" Dura Wildlife but I want to use it on the road - still learning.

I just got a Maxxis 24x 2.5 High Roller, DH and took the Wildlife Lep. off, best thing I every done on this unicycle. (Kris Holm 24 muni) Rode it today for 2 hours on my trail,frozen but great ride. I didn’t weight it yet, but it feels a lot lighter. Love my new tire.

So how is that tire on the road? Where did you buy it from and what tube size do you use with it?

I don’t ride the roads, but ride some parking lots and paved parks, it performs well, a lot better than what came on it. I ride mostly single track. Got it on amazon.com . Its a lot easier to hop than with the 3 inch Duro wildlife leopard. Is it faster, it is lighter, less rubber on the road, yes its a little faster, it is not a road tire. Hope this helps.

OK, Paved parks - roads, similar. What size tube did you use. I’m new at this stuff. Thanks.

When I changed the tire , I used the old tube, its to big, or large I know, will change it to a more appropriate size. I’ll get one like, a 2.3 or close to that size. 24x2.5 tire can and should take a smaller tube, I will not use a thin or light weight tube, I do not want to get a pinch flat.