I mastered the curb mount!

Well not really. I can do it about 3 out of 5 times. After I can do it 100% of the time I will start trying the free mount.

well done though, have fun learning!

awesome job,

the free mount is super easy

i know your new here…so welcome to the forums…but for this type of brag…you could also go here:slight_smile:

Congradulations! Nice going.

Nice one.

How long have you been riding now?

I still use a curb mount for the Giraffe.

Great way to learn the free mount.

I guess ALL my mounts could be considered “curb-mounts” as my mind is almost always in the gutter.


I have never even thought about trying to do a raffie curb-mount!

I’m going to have to dust off the old girl.

What exactly is a curb mount? I thought it was when you mount with your back pedal on a curb so it won’t roll backward, but if you are curb mounting a giraffe that’s a big curb!


Giraffe curb mount is just like a regular one; use the curb to block the wheel from going backwards. I put the petals at about an 11 and 5 O’Clock position and climb up like you would for a Giraffe free mount. The curb gives you an extra second to get situated before you pedal forward, and makes the mount a little easier.

The wheel is blocked by a curb, not the pedal.

Almost. It’s with the wheel against a curb that’s behind it, indeed to stop it from rolling backward. So for a giraffe you don’t need more than a regular curb.

By the way, the previous UNICON (2006) was held in the Swiss town of Langenthal. This town is famous for it has the highest curbs in the world. Some are as high as 1.5 m (5 ft). This was by design because the river used to overflow every year and flood the streets but not the curbs and houses.

Well done.

It is a great way to learn to free mount, that it how I taught my Daughter to free mount.

Try a small block of wood before you move on to free mounting, it gets you used to mounting on a flat surface, but the wheel will still not roll back.


thats pretty awesome. When I started unicycling I had no idea what I was doing because I didn’t know anyone else who could do it so I had to learn everything myself. You are lucky to find this site early lol.