I made good today!

today i totally nailed 180 uni spins, i wish i could post a short vid of this since it has changed my future unicycling career, but i dont have a camera and dont know how to do that stuff anyway… !

At first i was kind of scared to do a full 180 and just let my feet out and go for it, because i had no gaurds or protection of any kind on at the time and didnt feel like putting anything on either. So i popped in a CD and used peer idreneline (sp?) to pull this off. So i closed my eyes and went for it. I landed flawlessly, now i can do them almost everytime, it’s just a matter of time before i land a 360 uni spin. And maybe next time ill wear padds and i wont have any fear.

P.S anyone who is trying to do this trick or any trick just Giv’r FULL BORE and hope for the best.



Great job!
I know how great it feels to land a 180 unispin for the first time!

pure adrenaline*
full bore?

yea yuh know, full bore? everyone knows what that is. geez.



hey seth and my mom found those clips we thought we lost like 15 minutes after you left that one day you came over :roll_eyes:


no it still dosnt work

This is why some teens never make it to adulthood.

That is why some adults never have fun

Adults can have fun too and take significant risks. But adults tend to think things through more than teens and take more prudent precautions.

Teens by nature are wired differently than adults. Their thought process and development is different. Psychology textbooks cover the development processes involved and what makes teens different than adults.

My comment was based on musketman’s decision to try unispins without leg armour and to instead rely on aggressive music to give him the courage to try it.

You must take risks. Not huge but some risks. Nuf said.