I’m back in the saddle again!

I can’t believe I’m back at it! It all started in 1970 when my father brought home a 20’ no-name unicycle. I remember taking to it pretty quickly, and graduating to a Schwinn the next year. Shortly after, a lot of my paperboy associates took up Unicycles as well.
We joined a Unicycle club in Phoenix that was mainly Circus Clowns! We would meet once a week downtown and run rigorous circuits.
The club had a machine shop and would manufacture the most awesome Unicycles.
Like lacing up 16” wheels an inch off center, and making your own Giraffes. We had discussions about free wheeling and transmissions.
We’ll 50+ years later… and after reading a lot of everyone’s post here, I feel I’m in good company. I picked up a Nimbus 29” Oracle Muni.
My congrats go to the person who put Freewheel axles and brakes on Unicycles!

Here in Prescott Arizona, we have all kinds of mountain trails, ranging from technical (which is not me) to nice lazy sandy rides…that’s me!
I need to get back out there between these monsoon storms… talk at ya later! Paul
White Rock Trailhead


Welcome!! Glad to read your story.

Also, your text formatting is weird haha :yum:

Edit: It looks good now haha.

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I’ll have to look into that… font thingy!

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Thanks for the video. Looks like a great place to ride! And it definitely looks like you bought the perfect uni for you and your terrain.

Welcome back to the sport!

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