I learned the Rolling Mount tonight!

After being impressed by the progress of the kids at our new Unicycle Club at my Daughters school, I want to learn new things on the unicycle. Some of the kids are using the rolling mount to free mount, so I thought I would give it a go. I got on much better than I thought I would, I was using the static mount before, but the rolling mount is so much better.

I love the way you can keep moving forward, and then remount without stopping. I am planning on using this to mount from now on, I learned on my KH24, then went out on my KH29. The 29 isn’t quite as smooth as the 24, but I am going to keep practising to get it just right.

I am amazed at how the kids at the school just go for it on the unicycles, they have no fear, and are making great progress because of it. It is encouraging me to get on my unicycle more now, which is great, I want to keep ahead of the kids for a little bit more, but I have a feeling they will be teaching me soon!


I prefer the static mount, but that’s because I do trials, and often times, you don’t have any time to ‘roll the unicycle.’

But good on ya! Rolling Mounts are really fun and look better to people watching you.

well done Innes!

The rolling mount does feel so much smoother than the static mount and is what I use most of the time on my MUni. Keep up the good work!

I have just learned to do a rolling mount as well. It is easy when you know how to do a static mount. I did not have any help from my Dad!!!

Emma :roll_eyes:

Oh yes you did!

Well just a little!


Isn’t this a cute thread!:slight_smile:

Congratulations Emma and Innes!