i just started 2day and im geting 40ft runs (thanks 2 dudewithasock)

i just started unicycling 2day i got a torker lx uni … and its awsome i put it 2 gether and imediatily i was trying it out…@ first i was shaking on it with suport then i let go when 5 feet forward then upd.i did this for about 40 min…but then whe whent 2 my grandparets house(christmas tradition) but i took my uni… and i was mouting with the asistance of a truck… and unicycling down the road i worked @ it for about and hour then i was geting a 40 ft runs on it like every 3 times i tried… and when i didnt hit 40 it was either becouse my jerk brother was singing the circus song and throwing of my concentration or i leaned 2 much … i just kept geting 40- 45 ft runs all afternoon the i got home…( i live in the midle of no where so there ist much pavement or sidewalks so i was mounting with the asistance of the bed of the truck then i was geting 10 ft runs then when i got used 2 the grass i was getting 50 ft runs…i was freaking out… i thougt 2 my self… if i want 2 unicycle on the street i will have 2 learn 2 free mount… so i tried …i tried like 30 times in that thirty times i sucsesfully freemounted 6 times…

and 2 be perfectly honast the reason i did this good on my first day ever unicycling …is becouse of this forum…and mostly becouse of dudewithasocks’s journal…it helped me a Whole lot …so i knew what 2 do and what not 2 do when riding … im calling it a day right now my ancles are swollen and my thighs are bruised ( it became second nature 2 shift over if i know i was about 2 upd so instead of racking myself i got a saddle 2 the thigh…which is better any day)…


Thats really good! It took me about 1 week to be able to ride forwards.

well all credit goes 2 unicyclist.com and dudewithasock and any one else on unicyclist.com

thats great dude. sounds a lot like me right now with the bc wheel. my advice is after you learn riding, go straight to tricks-dont wait-youll kick yourself later.

yea today im working on free mounting…im trying 2 get it where i can do it at any time…

i just became a level 1 unicyclist in 3 days!!!

once again thank you unicyclist.com and its members!!

:o i love a happy ending:) i like uncycling

well ok then

That’s one more of us and one less of them.

gild, if you ever stop doing this i shall be annoyed.

It’s so cool to see.