I just got a new unicycle(amusing story)

I was a t my psychogist meeting thing(dont ask) and he says hey would you like another unicycle?
of course i say yes,
so he shows me this 16 rusted rim lollipop bearing unicycle
"here yah go "

so yeah ,i now have a 5th unicyle and it cost nothing

(waits for the “i would have laughed if it was a KH post”)

So your phsychologist just pulled it out from the under the table and gave it to you.

You’re being bribed!

pretty much

im being bribe ,what is he making me do?

I don’t know why you’r being bribed, you said not to ask.

I wish i was just handed a unicycle.

i meant it was a long story

he says it was given to him as a gag present

It’s good to have an old rusty uni

For teaching my friends to ride. They would feel bad smashing my KH , even if I said it was OK. They have to care, because they are my friends. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be friends. So why would I want them bashing my stuff ? :sunglasses:
So a really ugly uni is best sometimes.:slight_smile:

well im gunna have to buy a new tube now because the valve blew out

Do you have a picture of this unicycle?

his plan all along was to make you spend money.

it was a crappy tube anywaye

i woulda laughed if it was a KH.
in other news, i was recently given a free KH trials. because im in a team. a small one but its only just starting. go to the kidmuni link in my sig.
lucky you btw

Lol… shifty phsycologist, all he wanted to do was make you hurt yourself riding his untrustable pranked up unicycle.

Ehh…is this a closed door thing? Has he ever told you that you’re pretty? :slight_smile:

Hey, FeeltheLight, do you mind me asking how old your are? I just like to know ages and locales so as to better gauge why people say certain things that they do.