I have a problem??

when I hop up something such as 2 palet’s(which is the biggest I can hop at the moment) i always stop an I always have the palet’s to the left of me to hop up them. I was going through youtube watching unicycle videos and realised that most people jump with the obsticle right in front of them. now I cant do this what am I doing wrong??


Nothing, it’s a side hop. There are several different ways to jump onto things. I would imagine side hops are the easiest to learn.

If the pallets are on your left, you should try to hold on with your right hand. It’s good practice fr when you start doing really big jumps and need to tuck the uni. If you start doing it now, then you won’t have to change it later.

lots of poeple find that easier but there are different ways of doing it but normally if you do practise you should get it and if you didnt know you line up the uni next to the pallet with level pedals and then you roll it back and go from there so you will have even pedals so its easy to jump it.hope it helps:D

I can hop up holding on with my left and my right hand, more comfortabl with my right, but I cant jump up with the palet’s in front of me, dont know why I think its to do with I dont get enough forward momentum

Well, you said you come to a stop and then hop up sideways. This really is the easiest way to do it.

You may want to look at learning rolling hops. I’m sure there are a few tutorials on here.

same its hard but i just lean right forwand and jump btw where did you get the pallets?