I have a KH 20 and...

I need to replace the tire as it is pretty bald. Currently I have on it a Maxxis Creepy Crawler 20 x 2.5 Trials Tire. I am considering putting on the same or the TRYALL Sticky 20-2.50 tire but what I don’t seem to grasp is UDC states that the Maxxis is for a 20" trials rim only and the Try-All states it is for a 19" trials rim only. How do I know which the KH rim is. I am pretty sure my KH is a 08 but I’m confused as to what the differences are. :thinking: Any help is appreciated.

They will both fit your Kris Holm. The tire UDC claims is a 20" is most likely a 19" trials tire (for some reason they say it is 20" sometimes). I could very easily confirm this for you if you would post a link for the CC (Creepy Crawler).

Np. UDC is

Try-All is half way down this page…


I’t written that on the CC’s description on unicycle.com, so it surely fits a KH rim.

Yah so it will surely fit. Here is a thread that will tell ypu everything you need to know about trials tires.

Yeah but the Try-All description threw me off. Thanks though.

That is an awesome thread and also pretty much sealed which tire I want, thanks I totally missed that one. \

Thanks Michaelgoround and jaco_flans much appreciated.