I Have A Gallery

sunic finnaly has a gallery and we have one video :smiley: this video really is not that great but look at the gallery and tell me what you think :smiley:


also this was shot in like september now we have tons of snow and ice i will take a pic and post it and you will see :smiley:

i guess my gallery really sucks that much lol

nobbody thinks anything of my gallery? :thinking: i know it really sucks but cant you at least say that?

I watched it last night. A nice video and good editing.

As for the gallery, it needs a highlight picture and more videos. :slight_smile:

ya that video really sucks :smiley: thanks john you made my day by replying im working on the highlighting thing and we be comming out with are acctualy video in a couple days and will be shot completely of huge snow hills (im talking like as high as a 2 story house snow piles around town) so ya be watching for it :smiley:

Hey its a good video gallery… could be more festiv but other than that very nice ps. i just saw it so im just now posting


Yah, the video is good, but at the begining we had jsut started trying staires and jumping around and sutff, but by the end it gets better. THe next vid we make is gonna be pretty swick, and it’ll have some nice snow hill riding, as long as they don’t take them away before we get out. Oh and andy, you forgot to put the two rocks that i couldn’t do without slipping on the vid.

OH yah man, and you cut out the concrete block stuff, but just put it in the second one.