I grew my own riding buddy!

I started unicycling 2 yrs ago, with an eBay purchase of a Torker LX24. Of course, within a year I owned 4 different cycles and was lending out the Torker frantically trying to get someone else into it enough to have a riding buddy.

Finally, my friend Roland borrows it. A couple weeks later, he’s riding it around the block and last week he rode the thing 5 miles!

Sunday, he came over and tried out my Torker DX20, my KH29, and my Radial 360, just to get a feel for which type he wants. Then we took a 4 mile ride on a smooth easy trail with a couple gentle hills and we took turns riding the 24LX and the KH29. He said to me, “Wow, I really like the 29.” I said, “Yeah, you do.” I think that’s what he’s planning on buying.

Woohoo! I’m so psyched to have someone to ride with!

As strange as a lone unicyclist must look, the pair of unis drew even more gawks and surprised looks from the public.

Heh, I met up with One on one this weekend and we went around a park. I was having some oddities with my 29 and was lagging behind (though he was on a 36 and in better shape than me, so he was outpacing me gradually anyway) and I had one guy say “Hey, the front’s up there!”.

I did hear more than a few “Wow - there’s a second one!!!” type comments as well.

There’s something fun about being involved in someone’s “I’ve never seen that before” moment, and then have them see more than one their first time out :wink: