I got reminded why we wear safety gear...

It’s getting hot early in the AM here in Texas. I had time to shoot a 5 mile lap around my sub division on the Coker this morning before I started working on pulling up more carpet in preparation for the tile work we’re having done. I start thinking “I have never shin-whacked or face planted on any of my street rides.” “It’s pretty warm out there… maybe I’ll skip the pads for this one. I’ll be all right.”

Well I thought seriously about it then reminded myself that I have almost no luck when things seem obvious. So off I go, head, forearms/elbows, wrists, 661’s, and ankle brace firmly attached. Nice and toasty. I do a couple of detours off my normal loop to climb some of the steeper hills in my area and am having a very good time of it. Beautiful day and almost no traffic. The cars that I do meet all seem to have a smiling hand-waving body inside it. Me, I’m starting to feel the humidity and my shirt is already soaked through when I hit the home stretch. I’m thinking about a couple of things that I have to do when my wheel rolls into a small cupped depression. Nothing big. Just something that will toss you off the uni when you’re not paying attention to the road ahead. And that’s exactly what it did.

I get pitched forward and can’t quite running stomp my way out of it so down I go onto the pavement in front of a house where a several workers and a little girl are packing a trailer full of belongings. I slide across the pavement in a superman like position with my chest not quite touching the ground. When I come to a stop I lay there for a second wondering if it’s going to hurt or not. “Are you ok?” asks one of the guys. “Sure” I said. “That’s why I wear all these pads…” As I get back up and in position to remount I notice that my pads took all of it. No scratches or sore spots. Wow. The guy gets the little girls attention and that of a coworker and points me out. I remount pretty gracefully in front of them considering I just dug a trench in the street. They shout out a few props to me as I roll away, no worse for the experience.

And I’ll remember this little episode the next time the “It’s too hot for pads today.” thought crosses my mind. It could have had a much different ending. Wear your gear.

Nice crash report, Trapper! I thought I felt the ground shake this morning about that time. I would think the only reminder you would need would be that big scar on your shin from when you didn’t think you needed leg armour yet. That scar on your leg reminds ME to put my armor on!

You gave those bystanders something to talk about today I’m sure. I am glad the armor took it all. I wasn’t so lucky a couple of weeks ago when that rock found my hip bone.


Yeah ive tried the too hot for armor bit…I dont ride the deadly cokers but I did get some nicly bangued up shins from the rail road tracks doign some trials…Even though I never wear helmets you should wear your gear you onyl get one set of legs and ankles, my head…I have a few in storage…

Wow, you listen to your little voice. Twice I’ve ignored my little voice telling me my shoe laces are slack and both times the loose lace looped around the cranks.

Excellent report! I can’t say how many times I’ve flown off my Muni on a steep rocky trail and smacked into trees, boulders, etc, and heard a loud “WHACK” as my armor absorbs the impact. It’s quite shocking, thinking that the “whack” sound could have well been the “snap” of the bones in my forearm or leg :astonished: Now having nearly perfected my crashing technique, I tend to laugh it off and get right back on the trail. The armor seems to give me super powers… with it on, I can fly (albeit like a chicken)!

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by 661 and your local broadcasting station.