I got my first unicycle, can anyone ID it?

I saw this unicycle on Craigslist a while back but thought a 24 was too much for a beginner my size until I read the replies to my thread of buying a first unicylce.

I called this morning and managed to get it for $40.

There is not a manufacturers name anywhere but it seems to be better quality than say the ebay or walmart ones I was considering.

Metal guards on the seat, sewn seat, adjustable seat angle, no quick release but a no tool spinning handle for the seat height.

I did find a tiny label on the rim that said made in Taiwan but I don’t know if that is just the rim or not.

Anyone recognize the maker?

Sorry if the pics are dark, the flash made them way to bright to see.

Thanks, Jim

P.S. Does the annoying random question to post stop after a while?

The seat looks like the one that came with my Savage. Be careful, it bites! Once those metal rods under each end have struck pavement a few times, they will become jagged and start digging holes in your thighs. Once you replace that seat and seat post, though, (and maybe the lever and bolt for the quick release) you should have a good unicycle for any sort of riding that doesn’t involve going into the air. When I had a uni sort of like that but not quite as good, I bought a used Viscount seat and 22.2mm unicycle seatpost, and was then able to ride for miles without taking a break, and I had a smaller wheel than you.

As Song says, your unicycle seems to have a Savage-style seatpost and seat but with modern style bearing holders rather than the the older style “lollipop” bearings. The hub and bearings look just like the ones on my Avenir. Transitional model, I guess you might say.

Production has been shifting from Taiwan to China as manufacturing quality generally improves, with the better and more expensive brands still being made in Taiwan.

Visual references:

Savage on eBay

Avenir DLX on Amazon

Looks like you guys nailed it.

A cross between an Avenir and a Savage, I got a Frankencycle but it will work for me and at a price I can afford to try.

Thanks, I appreciate it. Jim

The biggest problem w/ that uni is prob your inner thigh rubbing on that seat mount.