I Freemounted!

A couple of minutes ago I started freemounting. I did it several times in a row. While learning, I played a game with myself where I would freemount and then ride around in my driveway. Whenever I UPD’d, I would have to freemount from that spot and go back to where I started. I am very happy. Well, time to go back and practice some more!

I would like to put the same link on this thread as someone usually does on all these threads.

Here you go.

In the future please confine these things to the brag thread so that you don’t continue the validity of these joke skill levels.

Anyways, keep up the good work!

Freemounting is the first step to being able to learn more…a small step, sure, but still necessary.

well done! :slight_smile: and good luck in your now fence-and post-free unicycling :smiley:

Well done.

Freemounting one one of the most important things to learn when learning to unicycle I think. Now you can just go for a ride, and if you come off, or have to stop, you can just start again.


Congrats my friend on learning how to freemount your unicycle. Keep up the good work too also. :smiley:

Yeah very nice freemount away