i finally upgraded my tire

i got the maxxis holy roller, i really wasnt expecting it to make much of a difference from the tire i previously had. My old tire was 20x1.95, the holy roller is 20x2.20, and boy does it make a difference when hopping. I went from being able to only crank grab to the top of a picnic table, and now being able to hop straight to the top. thats a huge difference, before i upgraded my tire i felt like i wasnt going to be able to hop any higher without going sif. now instead of feeling like im stuck in mud when i hop, i feel like im on a trampoline.
its awesome.
anyways. im just way stoked about this new tire, and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this same thing.
i would have gone with a fatter tire, but this is all my frame can handle.

If you can hop to the top of a picnic table on a 2.2 holy roller I suggest you invest in a real trials setup. It will increase your hopping further.

hoping practice is always good on a heavy unicycles, like weight lifting. Then when you have a real setup, you trials so much nicer.

yea, im saving up for the KH trials uni right now.

im trying to pay off a car right now, so unfourtunatley a new uni cant be too high on my list of priorities right now.
also, school is sucking my money away.

but soon, i will hopefully be able to afford a real trials uni. im sick of riding with bent cranks, and a somewhat twisted axle. meh

Pfft…Bent cranks just add character.

But that side hop is pretty huge for a 2.2 tire…Did you say it was seat in? Cuz that would be more amazing.

i cant quite get it seat in…yet haha.
i can only hop to the top seat out. but i can crank grab to the top seat in.

Man!! thas tsill pretty huge!

i ride with my seat fairly low so when i hop i can pull it up alot.

i cant wait until my brother comes home from college with my digital camera.
i want to get some pictures on here.

That is really high, Congratulations, what kind of unicycle are you riding right now? Thanks

that is insane, can you measure how high of a jump that is? I am sufficiently amazed. congrats!


im not very good at guestimating measurments, so i will go down to the park and measure it later.

i DID ride a 2003(i think thats what year it was) torker unistar…lx maybe…im not sure i bought it on ebay several years ago. but it died about 20 minutes ago. i just made a thread about it. ugh…
oh well, it just might be a good enough excuse to talk my parents into helping me purchase my new uni.

dude … isn’t that the 3rd unicycle today? wow… people are getting better
thats insane to hop onto a picnic table ( i can barely crankstall one)
how high is the picnic table that you hop onto (no offense but some of them are not very big @ all)

well, on the way home from hiking(its what i do when i cant uni) i stopped by the park to measure it and realized i didnt have a measuring tape.
but measuring it using my shoe i figured that the table top is about 35 or so inches high. is that a pretty good hop height? i wish i had people to ride with

yeah. thats about an average picnic table… that great though!

you did that with a 2.2 inch tire? that is still freaking insane. hope you can get a new uni soon.


Was that sif or just normal hopping I can crank climb my 3 ft exactly picnic table without sif but I need a good pre hop. 2.20 and you can go that high is pretty good. I still need a real trials set up. I have an lx but got a double walled frame
and maxxis creepy crawler(2.52). I like the seat though.

i can crank grab the top seat in, and almost get all the way seat in, i just have a few more inches and i will get it.
sif i can get to the top no problem really.

You might want to check out some other tires as well, if your budget allows. I used a Holy Roller for a while and liked the ride, but the sidewalls are fairly thin on it. I’m using an Odyssey Dirt/Path 2.2" tire now and really like it. The sidewalls are a bit thicker than the Maxxis’ which make it nicer for hopping around. I think I’m going to try the Fly Ruben next, as soon as my new rim comes in. It looks like that’s one of the fattest tires you can get for a real 20" rim.


I’m pretty sure he’s getting a trials uni because his LX broke.