I finally landed a 360 unispin (video)

After about 3 hours of practice i finally landed it (1.5 hours today, and 1.5 hours yesterday). My legs are all bruised up from my pedals so i ordered some 661 4x4s.

Oh well, heres the video (the 360 unispin isnt that great, but its my first one)

360 unispin

that was good!!
I like how you crouch down right after landing on the pedals…seems like that’d help to balance on landing. I think I’ll try that tomorrow.
nice job!!

Nice, good job:)

You hold the seat really weirdly. Thats how I used to hold it but I discovered it wasn’t the most convienient way to do 360 unispins…but if it works for you then thats cool;)

Time to start working on 180/360s…or 540s!:slight_smile:

I just held it the same was at a 180 unispin (the front and back end). Where do you hold it?

I caught the seat all weird because i was surprised i landed it.

I hold it with both hands on the side. I used to hold it one in front and one in back then I got a reeder and the angle really messed me up. I don’t think I could have learned 360s like you though, I tried for months;)
As for the catching “the seat all weird” I have done that too, one time I actually caught it with my elbow, I don’t have any idea how that happened but it resulted in a loss of blood :slight_smile:

yea, catched it wiht my face once… no good

That is so cool, I’m still trying to jump of the pedals and land back on them, to even get to the point to do a 180. Thats one of my goals for “06” which is another thread!

very smooth spin…i cant do them myself but ive seen enough of em to kno that that was really good.

to be suprised means you doubted wich means you did not really thing you could do it!

good job you dugg up an old therad :thinking:

I was wondering wh yhe didn’t look like he was 16. :roll_eyes: