i finally got my ner torker dx!

i finally got my torker dx!
it is soo cool im really happy with it but im thinking of changing the seat.
does any one else have a torker?
have u changed any parts on it?


I had a LX which i sold to get my DX. Best thing i ever got and still would recommend one to anyone who is the market for a trials/street unicycle. :smiley:

BTW where did you get your DX from themunkyuni??

Had a DX. I cut down the foam, and got a nimbus II frame when I snapped my DX one. Now I have a custom KH and K1 mix.

hazmat- i got my torker dx off eBay.
i think it was about 450 including postage.


i would recomend replacing almost everything. but that is me and i stopped riding junk (based on MY opinion) a long time ago.

err… I don’t get why you’re called ‘‘torkerdx’’ in that case :thinking:

because he is so close to 1000 posts.:stuck_out_tongue:

you caught me.

james, when i started i was riding a dx. then i became wise. and never really bothered to change my name

I have one

KH street saddle
Luna tire
painted the frame yellow

still a great uni for the price, though the new nimbus trials looks pretty nice