I finally got a 540 and a backflip off the unicycle.

Here’s a video. Oh yeah and I fall in a freezing pond.

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~Taylor Wright-Sanson~

Wow, Nice backflip! :smiley:

Thank you!

that was sweet. I laughed so hard when you fell into the pond :slight_smile:

Wow(world of warcraft)!! That was great!
The backflip was crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow! the backflip it’s so crazy why you jump in the water? lol

oh you know I just like swimming in 40 degree water in December :wink:

nice video :slight_smile:

That’s pretty warm water.
Cool vid. The backflip off was mad. I think you should gte it so you backflip off and catch the uni before it drops.

I have, only once though.


holy poo that back filp was sweet and then you went ahead and did a front filp onto the unicyle now that was crazy… oi reef hurry up and build that foam pit so you can learn.

yeah the front flip back on was pretty hard… :sunglasses:

very nice video. I am debating trying to do a back flip off my unicycle because I am afraid that I will land funny on it. I am now going to reconsider it. The 540 spins were sweet.

Wow, man! That backflip was wicked cool! Well done!

Try it with a spotter the first time. It’s not that hard to spot a backflip and it really helps.

yeah I will prolly get my mom and brother. I know that I can get the rotation because I have no trouble off the ground but it’s a new animal when you are coming off a unicycle. Thanks tho.

Backflip… Awesome, I’m glad to see people in the extreme unicycling community doing this. I’ve seen it done in circuses and stuff but yeah, this is great. Now you just have to do a FullBackflip or whatever you wanna call it, where you land back on the uni or keep the uni under you the whole time. Then drop it down some sets :slight_smile:

haha yeah thats the next step.

Awesome riding and really nice job on the video as well!