I did something cool tonight...

Around the local Kmart there are big cement planters about 18 inches high. The cement wall around the actual plants is about 8 inches wide.

What I did was jump (seat in front) onto one wall of the planter, hop over to the opposite wall (about a 30 inch gap), and then hop down into the parking lot (the 18 inches down and 18 inches or so horizontally).

Not that great or technical, but it was the coolest/biggest/most fun thing I’ve done so far.


cool.True,it wasnt that technical,but it was a good accomplishment for you.sounds like fun,was there more planters within gaping dictance of the first?also,you could hop up and ride around the top of the rim.

Yea, it was fun, I plan on going back there tomorrow, there’s a lot of cool stuff around back - loading docks, tons of pallets, a narrow skinny that looks fun.

Its impossible to ride around the planter, there’s big pillars at each end, you probably can’t even walk around them; there’s no room. As for gapping from one planter to the other, they’re about 30 feet apart…


If you can gap 30 inches why cant you do 30 feet?

Places like k-mart and wal-mart and safeway are fun.I always ride there when i can.I keep wanting to steal the pallets.one of these days im going to get up the nerve to ask if i can have some.They just throw them out with the trash.

Send this to department of redundancy department.

As a Seasoned veteran of Wally-World (Wal-Mart) you can try asking for pallets, but unless they’re severely damaged they stack them out back (yes, sometimes near the trash) but they are picked up and used again… They like to cut costs by resusing things like that…

HAHA, I guess I’ll stop talking and go ride my one-wheeled unicycle…