i cant ride

i havnt ridn my uni for a week and its killing me and i cant ride for another week:( :frowning: :frowning:

          the teason for my agony is that we got in a car accident over cristmas break and toutld our suburban and my family is seeing a cyropractor and he thinks that uniing had hurt my back from the begining and i thnk it bs i never had problems till after the accident and if any thing unicycling would strangthen my musles.
                                  well any way my mom wont let me ride at all and it is horible i just got a dx seat for my cx.

i just realised somthing the dx is truly amazing it was in our car when we crashed and it was un harmed and it was a bad accident we tiped over at 50 miles an hour after we hit the bank after we hit black iceand every one in my family had mesed up backs are all dx this strong or my dx may be

           [I]SUPER UNI[/I]

I’m really sorry to hear about the accident. It sounds horrible. And scary.

The chiropractor thinks unicycling is bad for your back? If you can ride in a week, it sounds like he is just being cautious. Are you sure that’s what he said? Could he have said that the accident hurt your back and that unicycling might make it worse?

I don’t think unicycling really involves the back muscles. Your upper body just kinda sits there. Maybe your chiropractor doesn’t know much about unicycling. You are not hunched over like on a bike. It’s more like sitting straight up in a chair. Maybe he always tells people not to ride a bike right after an accident like that, and he thinks a unicycle is like a crazy bike.

I could be wrong – so maybe someone else on the forums could talk about how unicycling uses the back and back muscles.

Glad you are basically okay and will be unicycling again soon. Be patient! They are just looking out for you. Better to take it slow and not make it worse. You’ll be riding soon.

A lot of jumping like in trials in street can stress your back.

As an unprofessional, here is my advice. Ride all you want, but take it easy. Do some stretches and little exercise to help your back, but do anything to stress it, not for another week and a half. :smiley:

:wink: say your just going to do some light free style, that shoulden’t hurt your back

Well, i would say take it easy for a while. Get some rest and relaxation cause unicycling isn’t going anywhere. :smiley: When you get all better (and i hope you do :)) you can go back to unicycling anytime you want. But try to get some rest. It’s not worth making it any worse then it already is. Ok

Take care my friend and get better soon