I can go backwards!

i’m very proud of myself i;'ve practised lots and i can now go halfway across the car park near my house backwards! anyone got any tips on turning backwards and actually seeing where you’re going?

Congrats! Backwards IMHO is one of the biggest humps to get over…for me anyhow. It took me MUCH longer to ride backwards than it did to initially learn to ride a unicycle. I’d say well over 3 months to get halfway good at it.
As for seeing where you are going…just give it time. As you get more comfortable at riding backwards and your balance improves you will get to a point where looking over your shoulder does not throw you off balance. Don’t try to force the issue…just continue working on feeling comfortable in reverse!

listen to zod… his avatar belies his good advice :smiley:

As for turning… After awhile you’ll be able to get the feel of how to turn, kinda the same way it works learning how to ride forward.

Congrats on the big accomplishment, too. It’s like your birthday when you conquer some new obstacle. For me, I like to post on here too, since non-unicyclists don’t seem to be as amazed with that kind of stuff like unicyclists are.

Yeah, some non-unicyclists really suck. They don’t get it how hard it can be too ride backwards with a uni. They should try it with their b*kes.

And for treepotato, congratulations on your new skill. I’m also practicing it now. I can only ride a little over 15 metres at most, usually just 5 metres, but I’m getting the hang of things too.

Zod, I think that you we don’t learn to ride backwards as quickly as forwards because you don’t do that all the time. At least I really can practice backwards riding about 30 minutes then get fed up with it, start hopping and uphill riding or something similar, get tired and go inside.

Agreed, backwards is(was) very frustrating so practicing it for long periods of time is hard to do. Plus it is a dangerous skill to work on once it has mentally fatigued you. I have had two really bad UPD’s in my life and both were trying to learn backwards after way too many hours of continuous practice.