I bow to the muni!

I have a new profound respect for you muni riders. I went to my LBS yesterday and bought a helmet (my first one in 40 years :slight_smile: ) and a speedometer along with some dog mace. I wanted to outfit my 36 for longer rides this summer and track my distance. While I was there I saw a upcoming MTB poker run. It turns out our city has a 2.5 mile MTB trail they made. I haven’t ridden muni in 10 years. I had one but sold it thinking there was nowhere to ride and will never get back at it… then this. So… I broke out my 26" torker (with street tire) and figured I’d give the trail a go. I have never worked so hard to go such a short distance!!! I said the trail was 2.5 but there is a outside loop of .7 of a mile. After about 3 UPD’s I got on the outside loop. I got a bigger workout on a short ride like that than I do on longer road ride. With that said, I bow to you muni riders! You are studs!..and stud-ettes of course :). I am eager to ride this trail more. Next purchase is a better tire for the torker… then of course, a new uni :). I must have been bitten by the muni-bug out there!

Way to go, rem48. Yes, definitely keep on getting back out there. Muni seemed pretty silly to me when I first saw pictures of it, but before long I tried it and was amazed to learn how much fun it was. Yup, it’s a massive workout and still one UPD after another for me on some of the trails I’m trying to ride, but it’s a blast and also a big boost to all-around riding skills I think.

I’ll have to agree LE. I can see nothing but better balance and certainly faster reaction time coming from this!