I bought an electric (self balancing) unicycle

I bought an electric unicycle. I am 53 with no unicycle experience. I have owned it since mid June. It took about 30 hrs. Practice and I ride back and forth to work. I believe I am about to get broiled by purists. I do have some interesting information.

You’re very likely to get boiled by purists as an electric unicycle isn’t really a unicycle.

It may not be a unicycle but it is fun to ride and does some interesting things.
And they kinda sorta look the same.

So I’m curious, what type of electric uni do you have? Is it practical to ride places?

Called “SBU” , self balancing unicycle, From focus designs. It is practical if you have a wild streak. It weighs 27 lbs. I can carry my lunch, raincoat. I can go to the market and backpack the groceries. I live in State College , Pa., main campus of Penn. State. I can ride up to the stadium, ride around, tailgate, ride home.

How is it not a unicycle? It has one wheel, and it is below, rather than around, the rider. And it is right there in the name. Sure, it’s not pedal-powered, but we can’t all be perfect.

Well, it depends on your definition of a unicycle.

u·ni·cy·cle *(yn-skl)
A vehicle consisting of a frame mounted over a single wheel and usually propelled by pedals.

So by definition, it is technically a unicycle.

However, I wouldn’t neccessarily say that Goat Rider is a unicyclist either, seeing as how there is nothing remotely the same about riding the SBU and riding a real unicycle.

I’m curious to know what interesting information you have.

No offense, but I’m not sure this site will be of much benefit to you. I’m all for newcomers, and encourage you to learn to ride the real thing, but most everything on here revolves around learning different aspects of the sport, I.E. riding skills/disciplines, maintenence, building, specifications, and the like. All of which incorporate unicycles of the pedal variety. I’m not sure if you can Muni on that thing, but even if you could, it’d be totally different. Like comparing riding a bike to riding a motorcycle. I’m sure Le Tour De France would be easier on a motorcycle… or with blood doping, either way. :wink:

I’d try and sell it for the $1700 that that focus designs charges, and spend a few hundred of that on a real unicycle that doesn’t weight 27 lbs. and put the rest of the money in the bank. You’ll save some cash, and it’s a great form of excersize.

But to each his own, and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

I make it a point not to listen to word definitions if they don’t use correct grammar.

Googles definition is:
a cycle with a single wheel, typically used by acrobats.

I don’t consider this a cycle, as you don’t have to do anything but stay on it, it does all the work. But really it makes no difference. You’re right though, I really doubt that joining here is going to help Goat Rider.

I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with the grammar in that definition…

English was never my favorite subject. :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure if it’s technically incorrect, but that “and” is really awkward. Perhaps it would be better like this:
A vehicle consisting of a frame mounted over a single wheel that is usually propelled by pedals.

I was thinking of buying an electric unicycle. This one.

Thoughts? is $999 worth it?

I would say no. You can get an electric unicycle very similar to that off of ebay for somewhere in the $300 range. Check out this page for past auction info.

But how good are those ones? Is the software that controls them just as good?

They appear to be verrryyy similar. I don’t see anything other than the price that suggests that the mobbo might be better.


The guy on the Mobbo clearly has nicer shoes.

Therefore Mobbo spent more on advertising then solowheel which suggests that solowheel spent more on the actual product. (Okay, that isn’t necessarily true but who cares?) Or they are the exact same product which is very likely.

I would never have guessed. :wink:

I think they should call them “Electric-powered BC Wheels.”