i bent my viscount seat!

hello everyone. i was out unicycling the other day working on my street riding. i got some nice grinds in on ledges and handrails, but as i was trying to shifty-wheel grab a grass gap, i noticed that my seat was a little flat. so i took a closer look, and i had bent down the front of the seat base. im not quite sure how i could bend the seat cause as far as i know, the base is made of steel or something. so i guess i just want to know what seat i should get. comfort isnt a big issue. and i already have a reeder handle to fit the viscount. i figure id break i miyata, so its between the viscount and a KH i guess. any input would be great.

thanks, kevin

WOW, that’s crazy!! I woudn’t think it was possible to bend a Viscount seat. I’ve been abusing mine for over a year now with muni and trials. I have a Reeder handle on mine too, so I know I put a lot of force on it. I would just get another Viscount. I don’t think there is anything stronger out there.


There have been some threads about how the KH saddle is succeptible to bending irregularly. But i’m not really sure. Mine has held up ok. Someone might help you better than me.