i ask a favour

i kno this should go in JC but theres more traffic flow through here… could all of you who view this thread plz click the link in my signature line and tell me what you think of my article type post…like it dislike it…anything to add…anything at all would be great

I think using the term newbie isnt cool


just little things on the form, not that important :

  • foreward=forward ?
  • Styles of unicycling: 4 Street: unsually=usually ?
  • The last 2 sentences contain typing mistakes


it was pretty good:) if i were you i would put more info on riding it, such as getting on 'cause some begginers get this crazy idea that they should step on the pedel that is forward, also you should give instructions on tire pressure and seat hieght. i cant think of any more suggestions at the moment but good start!:slight_smile:

well you guys can add stuff too you kno…but i will add some stuff about riding and mounting and also adress the importance of tire pressure and seat hieght

That’s not too bad, I guess. A little short.

Feel free to use tips out of my Unicycling Journal.

actually i did use some of tyour stuff…and what exactly do you mean by short hmmm? lol ya i kno its not like as amazing as that journal but i think it will be help full

Great Guide!

The only thing that i thought was bad was the spelling, after reading a bit it started to get annoying.I’m not that great at spelling myself, but I bet Ms. Ayelery can tell you more exactly what’s wrong.

Allthough most of that info can already be found in the Uni wiki thing

You could edit that instead of making more and more posts in your thread. The result will be much easier to read.

How about adding it to Unicycle.2ya ? Andrew already has a lot of tutorials it would help to have one solid source for tutorials instead of many scattered around the web.

Andrew’s and Peter’s site isn´t available right now. And who kniws when it will be?

I say use wikipedia!

Having a website is always more flexible than an encyclopedia entry.
I say we stick to Unicycle 2ya…

im glad you like it and about the spelling i was up aroud 100 am bfor both posts sorry.