I am veering towards right. Any suggestions?

Hello Anu,

> Earlier I was thinking it could be something to do with unicycle that I am
> veering towards right (A bad workman quarrels with his tools?). You see that
> the cycle is quite worn out by now. The tyre is bald, thanks to the fact that
> I have been riding on rough stone pavement around my department building. Also
> the fork moves longitudinally
^^^^^^ Hmm…

> along the length of the axle. In any case, to remove any doubts, I turned the
> saddle 180 deg assuming that if it were due to unicycle that I was veering
> towards right, now I should be tending towards left! Guess what, I am still
> going right. Any suggestions on what is going on here and how I can make
> myself go straight.

.of course, you don’t go the same way around the building all the time?

I find it much easier to go right than left, so I guess it could become habit
to veer right all the time if thats what most of your turns were - try lots of
left handed circles?


Re: I am veering towards righ…

(Kevin Heath replied to me by accident, instead of unicycling@mcs.kent.edu)

> Why are you veering right? I have a couple of ideas. First of all, if you have
> access to another unicycle try that one out. If you don’t have the same
> problem then it is your uni. Take it in to a bike shop and have the tire
> aligned. Also, a new tire may help. I have problems veering to the right when
> I am racing. Usually at the beginning of the season when I start training. The
> way I overcame it was working on my posture. Another way to help overcome it
> is to try one-footing with your left foot. If you are right footed you are
> probably sub-conciously putting more weight on your right side. By practicing
> one-footing with your other foot your balance will improve. Hope these ideas
> help!! By the way, if you are at UNICON VII, ask for me (Kevin Heath). I am
> one of the directors. Hope these ideas help…