I am a little goose

And fuck I love it

Sorry about that.

thats ok.

wtf? :thinking:

The little goose is at it again.

I thought we were over this little goosecapade?

lol goosecapade

i think it’s his little sister.

Big sister.

Suuuuure it is Luke :wink:

Now this “big sister”, can other people see her too?

Of course they can! Like, this one time I had a few whiskeys, then I had some more, then some tequila, then some wine and some other stuff and then all of a sudden I see this big sister in front of me and she says “Luke is a little goose”, and I’m like “Yeah, I know that”, but she was gone. I’ll never forget the experience.

Oh, wait, where was I?.. Eh, never mind.

bump Luke cussing! Ban him from the forums at once!

hahaha, you said cussing… it sounds silly.


Yes well the reason for me bumping this thread is just for being silly.