I am 5'2"

and just getting back into riding. Choices are amazing now compared to when I used to ride. I want to get a touring or as close to touring uni as I can but from everything I’m reading I can maybe get by with a 28". Any suggestions as to the biggest wheel I can go? I wanted to get as large a wheel as possible. Thanks.

Check out this thread

You should be able to manage a 36er, even if it would need a little chopping.

Are you serious, that’s awesome! Thanks that was what I wanted but I didn’t think there was a chance. Sweet, thank you sooo much!

I’m 5’3" and I can ride a coker very easily.

I got my coker when I was 5’1" or 5’2", and then it was still easy. You can definitely do it.

Have fun,


Can I get a regular frame or do I need a “short person” coker frame, sounds funny but I read that in one of the links. I will own a Coker if I can ride, made my day. Thanks.

Just a regular frame will be fine.

Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your help! I was lost as to what I could get. Thank you!

I’m 6 foot 10

When I’m riding my 36 er! It adds about 13 " to my height. So at 6’ 4", you to will be able to see over all those 6 ’ high fences. :slight_smile:

To ride a 36, you need 18 " , plus about 5 " for the cranks, and about 5 for a chopped frame and a seat. So an inseam of 28 ".

In case any dwarfs with short legs for a dwarf are reading this, you also can ride a 36, with some more effort. 4 inch cranks are good for an inch. Modding the frame with a flat steel band at the crown would save 2 or 3 ". Removing seat foam could take out an inch.

I think a 36 could be modded at low cost to be ridden by someone with 23 " legs. Actually even shorter, by wearing thicker soled shoes.

5’ 2" is surely tall enough to have a blast on a 36, even if you have short legs- body ratio. At worst you might want to cut an inch or so from the top of the frame, a minor bit of work.

As far a uni riding skills go, riding a 36er is kinda easy. If you can ride a 24 for a 1/2 mile and do basic turns, you could get scared to death riding a 36 in one afternoon, and be fairly good at it the next. Wear wrist wraps ! :astonished:

That is a lot of good information, thank you. I appreciate knowing different things I can do to chop it down if necessary. I actually had to do that with my seat post for my 20". I presently have a 20" and was picking up a 24" this week. I measured my inseam and it is about 30" from foot (barefoot) so shoes will help and I do use shoes when I ride. I hadn’t ridden since I was a kid, and decided this spring to start again. To my surprise I couldn’t believe the amount of unicycles and unicyclist now. It was awesome. Basically I jumped on and after probably two tries started riding again. Even managed to free mount the second day so I was pretty happy. I don’t mind my first ride or two on a 36 scares me a little more fun, haha, jumping back on the first time in years scared me a little too, but it was like a welcomed old friend. I’ll have to purchase some wrist straps, sounds like a smart idea. Thanks for the information, it will come in handy.

Big enough blocks on the pedals would make it rideable by someone with any size inseam, theoretically. Also, only requires a few 2x4 cutoffs and some duct tape (okay, and some counterweights if you want to keep them from always going upside down); way less work for someone who’s not so mechanically inclined. Reminds me of that picture of Sem Abrams riding Large Marge: the wheel was so big, virtually nobody could reach the pedals, so they were permanently “blocked”.

wrist wraps are the most important thing

Mine are all scuffed up LOL. :astonished:

Also, even though it is super hot where I live, these new type helmets are just a chip of foam with a harder shell molded on. I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on one. 30ish $ should do it. It’s just hard foam, but if you get a Giro or Bell they have a fast dial fit system. These new "mostly holes " , helmets are so light and cool that I forget it’s on until I need the visor. I strongly suggest you buy a holey looking thing with a long visor.

I have never fallen and hit my head while uni riding. However, riding a 36 on sidewalks does put you in a place where it seems possible to have a bad time with hard stuff.

I ride mostly without a helmet, except on the 36, where the visor :), and possibility of faster crashes, makes the helmet cool, even in South Florida.

Unless you have tried one of these helmets, you won’t believe how light and cool they are. There is hundreds of different models. I recommend Giro cause I have one and it has a cool dial fit system. Mostly, because they are all just hard foam, I would buy something 30 $ ish with style you like and a long visor.

Buying a bike lid is one of the few cases where you don’t get more by paying more. A 30 $ lid is so light, that the 200 $ carbon lids don’t have much of an edge.


You wouldn’t need counter weights - just make a pedal sandwich between 2 pieces of 2x4 - all wrapped with duct tape or preferably something grippier.