I <3 Street - Forrest Rackard

WHAT! That was crazy! Forgot you were working on this video. It was a very pleasant surprise. Rewind!?!?!?! And I cant believe you didn’t tell me you got the treyquad. Anyways great video you’re a baller.

You’re a beast, dude.

also thanks for the doubleflip clip :slight_smile:

anna your double was awesome!

and forrest like really thats some crazy stuff, your blunt was amazing the fakie 180 late flip was just like WTF the rewind looked epic and the treyquad… well that was flippin amazing and super clean!

you guys are awesome!

I like rewind.

I love the vid.

Amazing! The rewind was so cool!

amazing forrest! fakie 180 late flip down 5? nuts. also loved the late trey gap! the whole video was nice though :slight_smile:

Hmm. You put your rollos back on…

Blunt was nice. Your growing really nicely overall so thats awesome, your flips are crazy like always, nice gap in there, good grinds… you always have something creative.

Rewind… that is so messed up. Its crankflip to back handflip right?.. wtf


so awesome.

Wow! Forrest that was mind blowing, that blunt grind really cool. Also your quadflips on flat, and the treyquad, incredible man!

[QUOTE=unicycledood;1418538Rewind… that is so messed up. Its crankflip to back handflip right?.. wtf[/QUOTE]

From what I’m seeing it is. Crankflip than you push the wheel back with your hand to make a backflip rotation and land with the initial position.

Which is what I just said but worded differently lol.

Your control of the unicycle is astounding…

Yes, I was juste making sure haha :slight_smile:


Nice job forrest! you never disappoint! Trey Quad had such a smooth style!

The late trey flip down over the little ledge was sweet same with the fakie late flip down the set. Cool rewind. And unhelievable for the treyquadflip.

god dude you’re such a beaaaast. that rolling hop onto that weird ledge thing was crazy.

we should meet up and ride sometime

Awesome, everything looked so clean. The Rewind was really cool! :smiley:

Thanks everyone for the comments! I had a great time making this vid, and I had a lot of help with filming. Anna did quite a lot.

I’ve been wanting the rewind for a while, and I’m glad I got it lol. It’s a cool trick and I can’t wait to take it down a set or something.

Thanks man! And ya definitely, that’d be fun. Let me know if you’re ever in the panhandle area.