Hypothetically, if a Gazz was for sale...?

So let’s just say, in theory, if one had a Gazz 24 x 3 inch tire to sell, do you think that one could find some Canadian buyers for such a beast of a tire? Let’s say the tire had only about 20 hours of use and the tire was to go for say around $80 . Cdn … what do you think? :thinking:


So basically, then maybe there isn’t much of a market for a slightly used Gazz? Humm, too bad, as I was just out riding on my Stout 24 X 2.5 and liking it a lot for the frequent hard pack trails we encounter on our MUni outings. Gotta love how the slightly narrower off road tire tracks compared to the fat Gazz and still lot of cush for hops and drops with the 2.5. Yeah, I know not as impressive or hard core as riding on a 3 inch Gazz but oh so versatile… therefore…

I am leaning towards leaving the Stout on my MUni and finding a new home for the Gazz. But then again is no one is interested…


Bring it with you when you come down in June and I’ll give you a dollar for it. That’s a US dollar, you know.

Ah com’on Harper, that’s just too much, I couldn’t accept that much, you know what an American dollar is worth in Canada???

I just couldn’t take advantage of you like that!!! :roll_eyes:


I would’ve thought you’d be able to sell it easily. I’d buy it in a flash if it was for sale here in Australia. Keep trying.


Well Andrew, actually, I wasn’t really certain about whether I wanted to sell the Gazz right away, I was just pulling a ‘Jagur’ and trying to gauge the interest in the fat tire…

but Down Under would indeed be a long way to send a MUni tire, you’re right about that,


kh24Tiawan for sale

For Sale- KH24"with migura hs-33 brake ,Brand new,just outta the box,ridden once around the block,.
Anyone interested?Let me know for more details.

I got 2 of them , I’ve been riding it one around for awhile now It’s a nice MUni for the money,but I’m no pro .
Also I’m finding difficult to get any of my buddies to try it ,
MUni is to hard for the hard core to try ?It’s like learning to walk again?? It’ll take years to get flowing on the more technical trails,and ya gotta be super fit/strong to do the climbs ,I love the burn ,sorry I’m going riding…