hyper-extended themb

I keep hyperextending my thumb when I do unispins:( Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong?

are you doing 180 or 360 unispins??

180 sif to seat in

Well you could explain to us exactly what you do when you spin, you could also post a video of you doing it. Theres a million things you "could " be doing wrong…Maybe you should help us help you:)

You’re bending your thumb too far back.


that wasn’t the most productive post:)

yes, I am…

ahhh problem solved next question please :stuck_out_tongue:

in your words “lol”

post some videos and stuff

I hop sif for a while, then jump up, spin the uni and extend my legs, bring my legs back in, and shove the seat under me, then land on the cranks(or try to)

I have a video camera, but I don’t know how to hook it up to the computer ATM:(

So where in that does your thumb bend back?

how are you holding the seat?

I keep landing with my thumb under the seat and me sitting on it, and I can’t figure out how to stop doing that.

move your hands??

I think that about summs it up right there…Just gotta be a bit quicker with your fingers.

How do you expect people to help you fix your technique when they don’t know how you do it. “Move your hands” will be the only thing we could say really.
Try to land them sif, then you won’t sit on your thumb. Or let go of the seat.

just do sif to sif, thats what i do and i never land on my thumb


ok, I’ll try that. Thanks for trying to help,


haha, i laughed at this!

and by the title, i thought i was going to learn of a completely new body part today, but i guess not:(

lol, themb:)