Hurray! Pedal Spacers!

People that have probs with there ankles hitting stuff, it looks like this would help alot. Kinda pricey for a couple peices of metal, but I guess its worth saving your ankles!

That thing cost almost as much as my pedal did!
Seems pricey for a piece of metal.

I hope your not using these for trials, because they look like they would bendon drops.

I was just going to pust about that. Seems like you would want these on the Profile or KH cranks so you don’t hit your ankle. But, will these things just break, thus negating the strength of the whole splined crank system?

Maybe that’s why they are so expensive, because they won’t break. I’d really like to know what you guys think about that.

my question is why do you need a 6mm hex key to instal them…

It looks to me that you need the 6mm alen key, to slide into one end, when putting the pedal extension onto the pedal (you could do it without for the right pedal though. I think those things look bad for trials (break) bad for commuting (high Q) but maybe okay for someone who just rides around and has one of those things mentions.


Chex, instead of having flats for a 15mm open face wrench, you use a 6mm on the back side (through the pedal).

And by pedal I mean Crank…