Hunter36 looking for a new home

Well, I’ve made my decision. I’m ready to begin a new project and this will help to finance it. As my forum friend Scott Wallis so aptly put it, I’ll be riding “lower and slower” from now on. At least as far as my uni’s go.
This is actually the first 36" frame that Rick Hunter built. I’ve had it for a while. It’s great fun but I never spent as much time on it as I thought I would. I took a few long distance rides but that’s really not my passion. I love to ride in the woods, specifically singletrack. I’m a MUni guy and there’s only so many hours in the day. (My love of singletrack got me in trouble as far as Cokers go but that’s another story.)
There’s only about 100 miles on this cycle, it’s really in great condition.
If you’ve been thinking about a custom Coker, here’s a chance to save a few hundred bucks and avoid a long wait for a custom frame.
I don’t mind answering any questions anyone has in this thread but a PM may be better.
I’ve set up a Gallery that explains the set-up.

Here’s the link:


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It will obviously make things much easier for everyone if I posted the asking price here. I’m asking 650.00 plus shipping.
I’ll be shipping from Ft.Lauderdale, Fl. Due to the size of the box needed it would be the same price whether I shipped across the country or accross the state. Going UPS ground this will be considered an “oversized” package. I’ve shipped bikes across the country and it’s been right around $40. I imagine this would be about the same cost.
This should satisfy the tire kickers curiousity and help those out who are potential buyers.
PM if you’re interested. Thanks.

  • Frank

Great looking 36" Hunter FrankA. For anyone in the market for a Coker, this will be a hard one to pass on.

Somebody is going to end up with a great ride. I love the look of the hunter frames. BTW, how’s your injury healing?

For the record, I have bought from FrankA. He will deliver exactly what he promises. --chirokid–

so that has the super duper wheelset right? and how long are you willing to wait for payment, because I would love to buy it but I only have 65 bucks at the moment and it might take me a few months to save up 700.

The shipping may be more than that, so be prepared. The last full Coker I shipped cross-country (CT to WA) as two boxes cost about $100 total to ship, and that was with Fedex, quite a bit cheaper than UPS was.

Sam, I’ll loan you a few hundred if you let me ride it now and then.



Wait, I take that back. I’d loan it to you even if you didn’t let me ride it now and then. And you know there is no hurry to pay me back…


Way to make me feel like a jerk, John.


When Rick Hunter built this frame he needed the wheel as he had never built a 36" frame before. I had Amy from ship the wheelset (tire and cranks installed) to Rick in Cali and it cost me just under $40 UPS ground. So I don’t know why you had to pay nearly $100.
The box your super wide Coker wheel needs is wider than what would be needed for this one, not sure how much difference it would be but as I said, I’ve shipped complete bicycles cross country and it was only $40.
At any rate it’s not too hard to figure out shipping costs via UPS. Their website has a cost calculation feature based on zip codes.

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What a shame that I know someone who just had Hunter build one of those recently. But he only replaced the frame.

Hunter’s frame is much stronger than the chromoly frame that I have on the unibago, which I paid more for.

I recommend the H36 for anyone looking for a solid and smooth ride.

I’ve taken a few laps on Frank’s Coker. It’s a beautiful piece of machinery and extremely fast. Hell, I even took one good UPD on it. Frank is an awesome guy for the people who have yet to deal with him. I can’t wait until he sells this and starts his new project. :slight_smile:
See you at the trails soon Frank.

I have recently shipped super wheels to Cali also and they went at about $30 or a little above each. So Washington was a lot more than California. Perhaps also has more volume and can get business rates. All I was trying to say was to be prepared for unexpected shipping expenses.

BTW Your uni looks like a fantastic deal and I hope a really keen rider (or set of riders) gets it.

weird shipping rates only cost me $48 dollars to ship my Coker out the Oregon door to Toronto Canada…

I think U-Turn has been hitting the pipe hard again.
There’s no way it will cost that much to ship the Coker.
Don’t let the shipping costs play a role in purchasing this machine.
This is one of the only times you will ever have this opportunity.
I agree with Frank and jagur… $40-$60 seems right on the money (except for overseas)

It’s a beauty. I wish I could take it off your hands, but I should probably keep myself lower and slower for a while also.

Heal well.

Frank, check your PM’s.

If MSCALISI doesn’t get it, I am definitely interested. Check you PMs.

The Hunter has been sold.

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