Brand new Huni-Rex unis for Christmas sale.
Huni-Rex is a 1:1,5 fixed ratio geared 26 inch chained unicycle.
Now you can get it for €100 + pp.
Join Hunirex 2019 FB group for details.




As far as I know, Huni-Rex has been out of business for a while. I don’t want a Facebook account. I have no idea what “Now you can get it for €100 + pp.” equates to in US Dollars, but it sounds reasonable? It’s an interesting unicycle but I also understand that it was prone to some problems, both from a riding perspective and from mechanical troubles. If you would, post a link. I don’t Facebook.

I‘m not interested, but I don‘t facebook either.

How much postage will it be to ship it to Chicago, Il, USA



Hi Albertosaurus, you are right, the company produced Huni-Rex has already been out of business. In fact there are only a few Hunis remained on stock, now we are selling them for approx 20% of the original price. Unfortunately we do not operate wepage, this is a one time selling out of the remnant stock, until it lasts. I’m sorry to read that you don’t use facebook, since the persons in the group, earlier customers can only prove that you get what you pay for.
Anyway, the shipment cost to US is €95. The usd/eur rate is 1.10, so total cost would be $214,5, in case paying by bank transfer.
You can pay py Paypal also, but PP is extremely expensive, so in case of pp 5% transaction fee should also be covered by thw buyer.

Hi Nkertesi, I don’t know if I understand. Are you the actual person that has the Huni-rex unicycles for sale? Or, is it someone else, that is on Facebook?

I think it’s reasonable to assume these are not, or no longer available. I sent a PM to Nkertesi two weeks ago and never received a reply. I’m merely updating the thread in case anyone else was curious.