Hungry4uni's Questions...

Here, I made a thread for all my questions:)

I was unicycling, and my pedal kept coming loose, so I’d pedal forward to tighten it, but then it’d come loose again, I took the pedal off my moments, but I’m not sure if they’re stripped. I ran my finger through the thread and it felt fine.

Another question.

I’m learning sidespins, but I’m spinning them counter clockwise (my regular)

However, if I ever get into things like trey sides, I’d have to sidespin blind (the way I hickflip, treyflip, etc.)

Should I take the time to learn them blind, or continue learning them regular?


I’d learn them regular. Its gonna be annoying trying to treside when you cant sidespin with the other leg, or the other direction… Take the time to learn it the way thats best.

I do my sidespins blind. But I’ll never learn things like blind treysides.

But I think your silly for learning hicks and treys blind. What about when you want to learn fifths, smallflips, inwardflips, hickdoubles, etc. You gonna learn them all blind? Whats the point? lol. You only just got 540s, why didnt you just learn blind 540s to make your blind side your new regular side.

You must be doing something wrong with pedals and everything, because your always talking about stripping pedals…

Just remember this…

Right crank, right pedal - tighten clockwise, loosen counterclockwise
Left crank, left pedal - tighten counterclockwise, loosen clockwise

Once you get your 09 KH, don’t go messing around, just once you feel the pedal don’t want to move anymore, don’t force it, and unless your change pedals all the time, you should have a stripping problem.

Enjoy the 09 KH :slight_smile:


just a guess but your crank inserts are probaly loose you can undo them and them,and then thread lock them back in,i no im not very helpfull but there is alot of cases of it on this website.


Everything is on the right way, and I know everything you said, it’s just the guy at the LBS didn’t tighten it all the way.

I think I’m worrying too much. The threads look fine, they’re not stripped. You can even tell that from the picture.

If you are gonna be doing a lot of fakie riding or riding with the uni backwards, you will want the pedals very tight.

Yea. If the threads were stripped you would have gotten slivers of metal in your finger when you jammed it in there… not the smartest plan ;).


Not trying to be rude Sam, but if your putting loads of torque on the threads from the pedals, how could sticking your finger in the pedal and running your nail through the threads possibly strip them. :thinking:

i’m pretty sure he means that when you ran your fingers through them, if they were stripped you would’ve gotten little pieces of metal stuck in your fingers and it would’ve hurt.

yeah once i thought stripped just the first couple threads on my dx cranks before…and I stuck my finger in there and omg it was like a bee sting lol. i had definitely stripped them…

also…don’t tighten your pedals by riding forward : )

and you’ll KNOW if they’re stripped…

I was not saying you would have stripped the threads with your finger. I meant that if the threads had been stripped, there would have been sharp pieces of metal in there, that surly would have stuck into your finger.

You should always use a rag, or the eraser on a pencil, or something besides your finger to clean out any metal threads.

New questions…

I want to start doing handrails, but I’m confused on how to do them with my stance. I ride jump left, left foot back. Should I grind on the left, left foot back?

Also, I unispin counterclockwise but of course, it’s easier to hickflip and treyflip (almost) clockwise.

I can clockwise 3spin, counterclockwise 5spin.

Also, I find it much easier to do stuff like 270-180-90 clockwise.

Also, I have almost stripped the bolts in my KH Seatclamp from tightening and untightening too much. I was having trouble knowing how far to tighten. (I understand that it doesn’t really matter)

Anyways, what size bolts should I look for?

Have you ever grinded ledges before? Did you grind on your backfoot (left) or frontfoot (right)? Grind this way.

I grind on my left but jump to my right when rolling sidehopping. I don’t think it matters much which way you jump.

Backfoot for the win :sunglasses:


i always thought i was weird because i never saw anyone with the same stance as me, but now ive seen wuite a lot of people do.

Hungry4uni, there is no ONE way you should do it, just do whatever suits you.

I landed a good looking treyflip today, but the cranks hadn’t completely spun when I landed. I was able to ride one revolution out of it without hopping. Below are pictures of when my left (last foot to touch) hit the pedal, and up till the pedals are parallel. My right foot hit before keep in mind.
Does it count?


Are you serious?

Your a good rider, better than me, but these questions…

I apologize. I have problems with obsession and worry. I’ll try to lay off the dumb questions

I’d say it counts as a .60 treyflip or whatever you said it was in the brag thread.

This wasn’t the trey half. I say this one counts, because I rolled out and landed semiclean.

Anyone else agree or disagree?