does anyone get this uni pic :thinking:

I Dont get it…

Well it does say that there is no seat. That much is true.

probably because this person has sold over 28,000 items they just put the wrong picture in and didn’t double check.

Yes, i agree with Carson!

Its most likely

I found the “prowheel” Sun uni and many others, including what looks like Jess Regal here:

Pages 34-37

if u look closely u can see that that’s a hose and a pressure guage of some kind, maybe for an aircommpressor?

its an argon gauge for welding.

So it’s for the do it yourself unicycle builder.

that is jess because it says his name and his website under the picture

I think thay put the item in the wrong place

It’s because it looks ever so slightly like a unicycle. Kind of a crap joke really.

Whatever it is, that’s a great price!

If Jess Riegel is for sale, hmmmm… naw, he should remain a free person, don’t buy him!

Even if it is supposed to be a unicycle, it clearly states “comes as pictured.”


i think somebody with some spare cash should buy it and finally figure out what you get