Huge rework on and its forum (French speaking community)


I guess not many of you read French, and maybe some French speakers aren’t aware of this long-living site and forum (almost 20 years old both!).

After a lot of work, we’ve finally launched their new version.
They are both visually more appealing and smartphone-friendly.

The site keeps its core functionalities and purpose: it’s a news site with an events calendar, some specific pages about various things, a wiki
We connected the site with the forum. The site articles are also visible in the forum, and the site displays the last created topics from the forum.

The biggest changes come from the forum as we have changed its engine to get rid of phpbb (you know this one - you’re currently using it :)) to something modern (a forum where you don’t struggle to add images!).

The new site:

The new forum:

Come take a look and say hello (ou “bonjour”!) on our forum :slight_smile:

I would like to say “kudos” … but I get no connection on the forum site … :o
is there a different URL?

We have moved to a new server. It is possible that the DNS propagation hasn’t propagated to you yet. It has begun about 24h ago… I thought it was OK for everyone. Sorry about that, I should have waited 48h to be sure.
Be patient a few more hours :slight_smile:

more precisely:we have a connection on the main site “” but the forum URL keeps responding “maintenance”
tried another way and got an https address with incorrect credentials: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN
when you override the certificate your are redirected to another site named “Gargarismes” … something fishy here

Your browser redirects you to the old server if you override the certificate, so I guess it’s still a DNS thing, maybe try to clear your DNS cache? Not sure that it will help though.

ipconfig /flushdns (I believe you know computer stuff?)

From here in Zetazini, I had no problem opening just now.

France has lots of unicycle basketball, a sport that only gets played one weekend a year where I live, so it’s good for me to be reminded of the French unicycle world now and then.

And do you also have a french thread on the forum or is the site also bilingual maybe. My French is a bit rusty. I have been using french in the youtube search since I had seen most English unicycle vidz, French, Spanish, Italian, the word monocycle is almost the same which results in some fine vidz. I will certainly check out the sites.

On this forum? No, there’s no French section of this forum- several other languages, but not French. Most of them don’t seem to get much use, except sometimes the German-language one.

I have heard that the US is now #2 in the world for number of Spanish speakers, but for various reasons not all of us speak it that well, and this unicycle forum does not include a Spanish-language section either. In any case, though, if you feel the need to talk about your monociclo in Spanish, this is the only place I know on the web for that. It doesn’t seem to get that much traffic, though, and appears to be based mostly in Spain, which is not where most people in the world live who speak Spanish, or even most unicyclists who speak Spanish. I have come across some good unicycle videos from Latin America and also from Palestine and other places.

It would be cool if all unicycling discussions in all languages were united under one domain name!

It worked fine for me, here in the US.

My spoken and written French isn’t great but I understand pretty much everything when I read or listen, so it’s definitely a worthwhile visit for me.

on Mac : dscacheutil -flushcache
now ok

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Welcome back then :slight_smile: