Hub and Cranks weights...

Hi, just wondered what are the weights of the main splined hub and crank sets…

  1. QU-AX SPLINED hub/cranks

2.Onza hub/cranks

3.KH hub/cranks

4.Profile hub/cranks

Any help please post, preferably in grams but imperial’ll do, and I guess thats what I’ll get with all you americans!

First, I think there are like 242 grams to a pound.

With that said, says profile is 2lb hub, and each crank is 1/2lb, totaling up to 3lbs. I think that’s 170s.

Re: Hub and Cranks weights…

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004 14:32:36 -0500, “gerblefranklin” wrote:

>First, I think there are like 242 grams to a pound.

How ‘like’ is ‘like’? There are 453.592 grams in one pound (i.e., 1

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If there are 453.592 grams in one pound, how many dogs does each Gram own?

QU-AX hub = 680g
145mm cranks = 706g

24" Halo SAS rim = 674g
48 spokes for the above with nipples = 320g

I would have finished building it for you, BUT now you have made me take it apart to weigh it :slight_smile:



Sorry, I was reciting a stat I heard about 15 months ago, so I wasn’t sure if it was 453 or 242. I had both numbers inmy head, and just couldn’t remember which was which.

LOL!!! Thanks Mike, looking fwd to when it arrives!!!

Right I worked out roughly…
QU-AX with 145’S = 1386g
Profile we asume with 170’s = 1350g
Any other weights would be very nice…Onza/ KH

remember the qu-ax will weigh more as it is a 48 hole hub so the wheel set will weigh more but it’s v strong!! It’s a nice cheep muni i have one i think rodger has some 2 sell. and @ £10 more then a nimbus it’s a great deal!!

I know I’ve ordered mine:p

the only bad thing is the saddle the mud sticks 2 it!
the frame is v wide u will hit ur knees 4 like a week but after that it’s fine trust me. I might b getting a different frame for it sometime tho as it is fairly heavy and v strong i might get the cheaper frame off municycle

It’s just the hub/cranks I’m getin so no probs:D