HTV News (South West England)

The Severn Wheelers should be on the HTV early evening news this Friday.

Wow good stuff, I’ll have to watch it.

I was riding home from work through St George a few weeks ago for the first time on my new 29er and a man from the evening post stopped me and asked if I wanted to be in the paper.

I never got back to him but I’ve still got his business card. He said he keeps seeing someone else commuting on a unicycle but never got the chance to stop and ask them. It was my first time riding to work so i felt like i didnt really deserve to be in the paper. I’ve been doing the commute (Kingswood to Gloucester rd) about 3 times a week for the last month or so tho :slight_smile:

If anyone in Bristol feels that they do deserve to be in the paper let me know and i can pass on the details for the evening post guy.

video or it never happened :slight_smile:

I’m commuting most days from Warmley to the centre along the cycle track. No one has stopped me :frowning:

/off topic. I hope they don’t use any of my little interview. It seems all reasonable sentances hide under the table when a camera is pointed in my face.
I’ll probably be out, so a sneaky link would be nice.

That was quick. Thanks Gavin.

Thanks for getting the footage up so quickly. I’m not convinced that you guys are “bonkers” but I must say it was somewhat unnerving to see Danny without his FlyMo and pint.