hows this setup?

United Seat Post with 4-bolt rectangular pillar bracket 10
Nimbus Gel Saddle 39
Odyssey Twisted Pro Pedals 24
Marwi 14-gauge Spoke 36 spokes 14.40
Nimbus 20-inch Colored Frames- Rounded Crown 25
Kris Holm ISIS Moment Crank & Hub Set 2007 217
Kris Holm 19-inch Freeride Trials Rim 35
Maxxis Creepy Crawler 19 x 2.5 Trials Tire 30
Primo Viking Seat Post Clamp 12

Total : 406.40

Sounds pretty sweet exept if you plan on doing many big gaps, I have noticed that the maxxis folds easily.

I love the maxxis. certainly more than the luna, but I’m into natural trials.

No tire is going to fold on a 47mm wide rim. The only thing wrong with that setup is the bearing holders are to small. Which can screw up your bearings.

Oh ya, guess I didnt see the rim part. I love my maxxis more than any luna, but on big gaps it always folds. Probably cuz I run an alex DX32 rim.