Howdy Y'all!

Awesome forum you have here. I’m just getting back into unicycling. Mi Mala Mujer’s college roommate flew into town last weekend for the California Muni Weekend bringing her KH with rear brake and 170mm cranks. It was a lot different than the old 20 inch cheapie that I left behind during the last cross country move. But she let me try it out and somehow I came out uninjured.

I ran out and bought a cheap 26 inch for myself and a cheap 24 inch for Mala Mujer. My quads ache after a refresher session which had me riding them up and down the street but I’m already having fun. Its fun teaching someone else how to ride as well. I’m already wanting a Muni and a Coker.

P.S. Hi Ashley!


Hi and welcome to the forums. its great that you got back into unicycling:)


I’m California dreaming. Lucky you, to ride year around in great weather!

Enjoy those unicycles.