Howdy from Houston TX

What’s your name? Mike

Where do you come from? Just north of Houston TX

What is your experience of unicycling? I turned 40 in spring of 2021 and for some reason decided to learn to ride a unicycle. I bought a 24” club and managed to figure out how to ride in periodic training sessions stretched out over six months.

This past March I got a 29” nimbus muni. The 29” is a lot faster than the 24” and I’m enjoying taking a unicycle on the trails. No hills here but lots of trails with tree roots that I have to navigate. Looking to improve my skills and currently working on making tight(er) turns and trying to stop the unicycle and then bunny hop to get over obstacles.


Hello Mike. Welcome to the forum. Small world. I am in Pinehurst, which is just slightly north of Tomball. I use to live in North Houston.

My bad. You said you are just north of Houston. I have gotten so use to the term North Houston that I didn’t catch my mistake.

I live in The Woodlands so I am close to you. I haven’t come across any fellow unicycle riders when riding. When I’m on the trail I get a lot of feedback, mostly encouragement from mountain bikers and confusion/stares from hikers.

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Welcome MikeB. Nice to see another Texan here. I live just outside of Tyler just a few miles away. Like you, I am getting into unicycling a bit later in life. It is encouraging to read about your progress.

Best wishes.

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