How To Walk The Wheel

I am wondering how to walk the wheel? Does anyone have some advice?:slight_smile:


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For wheelwalking. Lean back a little, go heel to toe on each push, keep it slow and steady.
Wheel Walking.

Quick! Sombody post a wheel walking video to make ben’s post look silly!:stuck_out_tongue:

I would but i dont have any tapes for my camera. I read your sig without reading who it was quoted from and I could tell who wrote it. Thats a typical Brian saying.:slight_smile:

use the whole length of your wheel and make long kicks with your feet in contact with the wheel as long as possible. You do this to keep things smoother so it’s easier to balance. I’m learning too and I’ve found that if you just make short kicks at the top of your wheel, your going to fall.

put your feet on the round bit and try not to topple over.

i don’t know, i just spent a few days in front of my house falling over and learned the WW by trying. quit asking how and teach yourself silly!

it never hurts to hear what works for other people.


Hurry nobody has posted a vid!!! :astonished:
its in there somewhere…

you just place a foot on the tire, kick off the ground w/ the other foot and keep your forward momentum balanced w/ your pushes on the tire.
wait, that makes no sense , ohh well!

now we can all laugh at ben. (in a friendly way)