how to turn

I only began unicycling on Wed, but now that I can sometimes free mount and ride 50ft without falling. I want to learn how to turn the proper way. I have gone in circles in my driveway that is about 20ft x 20ft and I usually sway back and forth lots when turning I also flail my arms to try and swing that way.

Please help a nOOb

where should I post questions like this?

Post questions here…Its the best chance you got of getting a good answer. To turn you have to learn to lean into the turn and point your body in the direction you want to go.

Check for tips on learning to ride and all the steps along the way tis a great site.

I think when you’re starting out, pretty much the only way to turn is through some serious arm-flailage. With time however, that generally corrects itself.

Eventually, turning comes by just rotating the body and leaning the wheel in towards the center (centre) of the circle you want to describe.

thanks that is a great link

This unicycling Journal by Dudewithasock is one of the best learning walkthroughs I’ve read…use that for a lot of questions…it should be pretty helpful