How to spice up that sunday ride

In my district we are four 36-riders. Only twice have we all met for a ride together. Before our third planned ride interest was low and I ended up riding it by myself. So before I try to summon the gang once more I want to get some ideas on how to spice up a regular sunday ride of about 50 km. Something that will make it more exciting or demanding perhaps.

play “it” (tag) while you ride! That would be great fun.

Plan your ride so that it goes through interesting scenery?
Meet together for breakfast beforehand, or dinner afterward?
Make the destination of your ride something interesting or exotic?

Interesting and demanding? I’ve read about uni pub crawls, and I always thought that would be an interesting addition to a ride. But remember, as John Childs warned back in good ol’ '99, “It’s very difficult to have a designated driver when you are on a unicycle.”

wearing mankini’s should do the trick! :astonished:

Ride Butt Naked

Now that will provide interesting conversations

Ask the other three guys instead of us, maybe; we’re not the ones riding.

You may just be ill-suited to ride together regardless of having similar unicycles. I ride a bicycle as do a bunch of other people, but I don’t know of anyone that wants to go the same place at the same speed that I do, so I normally just ride by myself.

Are there recreational bike rallies in the area that you can ride in?

Ride off road or somewhere with lots of people or traffic. Anything so that you’re not just spinning your legs off in smooth, open spaces. Obstacles keep riding fun.

Yes, there was. Season is more or less over by now. But this will be something to try next year.