How to shift gears on a geared unicycle

Hey everyone! I have seen a lot of new Schlumpf geared hub riders ask how to learn to shift. I know there are not a lot of new hubs out there, but I decided to make a video to help people learn how to shift. Hopefully this will help a few people learn how to ride a “guni”.



Hi Corbin,
We’ve met and as an observation you are the best coaster I’ve met but that’s another subject. As I read this I saw it mirroring how I felt my shift was performed each successful time (it has become second nature) great description.

Thanks! Yup - I remember your awesome unicycle inventions – they inspired me to get into welding some crazy stuff. :wink:

I think that the best - and craziest - way to learn how to shift is to use clipless pedals. That may look silly but it fixes your feet at the same place so that you always have the same move to do to shift.
So if you’re already using clipless pedals, it’ll take no more than a few tries to learn how to shift. :smirk:
Otherwise, do no try to use clipless pedals and Schlumpf hub before being comfy with clipless pedals. That could be really dangerous.

WoW, thought no one else would have this experience. I no longer ride street this way but when I first learned I was big into Muni on clips, your heel consistently passes the same spot and allows concentration on the shift. I now use 5/10’s because they are grippy enough to hold position, and I have gone away from SPD clips because I’m not as aggressive in my riding.

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That would definitely be a scary way to learn! I briefly considered trying clipless pedals, but never did. I started mountain biking with them, and went back to flats. At first I wasn’t as strong a rider, but I quickly became better at biking with flats than I ever was with clipless. I saw some power comparisons on each pedal style, and there wasn’t much to gain from clipless, but this might vary depending on the rider.

I know clips look scary but they aren’t that much. Using the right settings makes them easy to unclip while providing a lot of strength in uphill and some stability on rough ground.
Back to Schlumpf hubs, I got my first one when I have been already riding clipless pedals for two years, including muni. It was pretty hard to shift with flats - and it is still today - but using my favorite clipless pedals helped me a lot to learn how and when to shift.

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When going clip less on or off road its a good idea to be fairly proficient at hopping. Great for climbing and if you “stumble” to prevent a UPD. But it really helps shifting muni. The release tension is critical, but the benefits to control outweigh what you think will happen (UPD) but straight pulling on the pedals your feet stay put, twist to side and your out. It always seemed that just before a fall my feet were free and I could run it out off road.


Yeah, with my MTB, I had an issue where the clip came loose on my shoe and didn’t disengage, causing me to fall when stopped and unclipping on a rock ledge - I went down and lost a tooth! That was the last time I used clipless pedals :slight_smile:


That’s where full-face helmet become useful :laughing: